The 756th

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Years later after interviewing General Patton's radio man for the SHOAH Project, Ron had a dream about writing a screen play about the tankers of WW II. There is more of a parallel about the project that can't be revealed yet, but he saw this as an opportunity to tell accurate stories that had never been told before. In doing research for the project Ron came across a select number of veterans to start interviewing for their accounts during the European campaign. In realizing by having these interviews for the screen play, Ron decided to expand the project into a documentary first as a precursor to the film to generate more interest giving it a larger audience. 

The real mission: World War II has always been an interest to Ron. With his concern for the veterans who were wounded or died for this country, and worst yet, the after effects of witnessing war's human devastation, Ron felt these veterans have not been honored sincerely enough for saving the world and this nation. He wants this project to be a vehicle to finally give the recognition deserved by all veterans who took the oath to defend our country.


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When Ron plans a project he sees additional opportunities the project can generate. First and formost is what the client is looking to achieve. Second is how can you get more from the project especially when you are spending a lot of money. Ron looks at how you can generate additional revenues from a project. He calls it creative marketing. In regard to the BUD Lite project, Ron turned just a plain spot into a major campaign. Not being an ad exec Ron figured a way to capitalize on the spots. First as something off the wall and unique he was able to set the hook, then using curiosity he could reel in the money. First all he wanted to do was produce an out of the ordinary spot for BUD, then once immersed in the script he was able to add options. That's the creative process.

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