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Diversification is a word that was instilled with Ron in his younger years. Starting as a camera operator to working as an animator and graphic artist, then as an editor, technical director and engineer. Ron has not only worked in every aspect of production, but has worked with some of the top professionals in the industry. In working with the best, he perfected each discipline hands on. His main specialty was camera applications. With experience from ENG to studio, Steady cam to jimmy jib, from underwater to aerials and perspective applications. His philosophy is "if you don't capture the content you need, you've already lost." When you have to "fix it in post" (which is a cliche') it will cost you in time and money.  Ron's greatest accomplishment to date was working with the SHOAH project. He was selected for the production coordinator and line-producer positions for the Steven Spielberg Oscar winning documentary "The Last Days." Ron has done work for all the national and cable networks, and has also been sought after by international networks in which his work has been seen world wide. Comfortable in any environment of production Ron's expertise has enabled him to profile sports heros, from Joe DiMaggio to Mario Andretti, national television and news shows for ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, and the cable networks from Disney to Sci Fi.

"In this industry if you don't understand and practice all the facets of film and television production, you will have a hard time looking in the mirror and calling yourself a professional."
                                                                                                                  Ron Lowther

Ron's BIO
Being raised in Detroit, Michigan, Akron and Cleveland, Ohio and then to British Columbia, Canada, life with Ron was always an adventure. He started racing motocross at age 16 in the same class as Jack Penton, of ISDT gold medal fame. Once out of high school Ron went on to race motorcycles professionally and achieved his goal of becoming Canadian National Motocross champion, and British Columbia provincial champion. Once retired from racing he worked in the logging and mining industries, operating heavy equipment then serving a millwright apprenticeship, becoming a certified journeyman. In taking a winter off to enjoy his past time of being a ski instructor and racing coach, Ron worked as co-director of a ski school near Kamloops, British Columbia.
On a motorcycle tour around the United States Ron ended up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he decided to stay and adapt to the tropical lifestyle. All along his way he always had a still camera since he was 8 years old. It was a hobby that would eventually pay off. As an avid scuba diver Ron pursued underwater photography, and it was then he had his first taste of production work, helping a friend with an underwater camera rig. Who knew he would eventually do underwater filming for National Graphic!
The greatest asset for Ron, was the training and working with long time friend, and Emmy award winning DP, Tom Zannes. Tom's advice and critique gave Ron an edge on the projects that required a unique approach. With Ron's involvement and experience in a variety of professional sports he was able to give the look that television coverage needed for the viewer experience. Always an eye for candid shots and always getting the "money" shot.

Ron has parleyed his life experiences in the corporate productions he also does. With his diverse background and working with CEO's of Fortune 100 & 500 companies, he can better advise his clients needing productions in the manufacturing, construction, and engineering industries, and in addition applies this knowledge to television too.

Jim Stump has been a television production pioneer in the South Florida market over the last 35 years. An award winning producer, who knows how to talk to an audience through a camera lens, Jim can always tell a story that sells. Every political spot he has produced ended up "producing" a winning candidate. Jim has a special approach when it comes to training programs and systems. He also owns a training facility for government certified environmental training. He has created a nationwide visual training system that has easy implementation for any type of business. Ask him how to present a project and he will give you a half dozen ways to do it, each one will be a winner.

Steve "Mr. Miller" Miller  DIRECTOR of PHOTOGRAPHY

Steve is a three time Emmy award winning cameraman. Steve's lens work has appeared on National Geographic, Discovery, the national networks ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and ESPN. In the beginning of Steve's career he started as a news cameraman in New York City and had diversified his talents to be one of the best in his field. One of Steve's specialties is shooting underwater. He was one of the first cameramen in the world to shoot underwater video in High Definition. He is also a PADI certified Dive Master and SCUBA Instructor. Steve has traveled around the world shooting in such exotic locations as Vietnam, Croatia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Caribbean and the list goes on. When he is on location he already knows what the director is looking for as a finished product. Steve just finished a run of episodes covering the Iron Man Competitions from Atlantic City to Hawaii.

Vincent Ingrao  Director of Photography
With over 15 years in the broadcast and corporate production industry Vincent is now in the forefront of Special Event video production. With his start in broadcast television, he has garnered that experience into the Special Event arena, giving his work that extra special look of professional visual story telling, especially when there is no call for a script. Award winning, Vincent is one of the best in the field of Special Event, recently profiled on Lifetime Network, and is rated in the top 5 percent in the country with the work he does. He also applies this dimension of his cinematography skills in doing projects for television. He has a unique method in shooting emotion, drama and action. A true Director of Photography.


Specializing in professional photographic on location, event, studio, architectural, aerial, and many other photographic services. A professional photographer for over 30 years, Andrew Goldstein is well known throughout the Southeastern United States, particularly Florida. He knows the celebrities, dignitaries, state and national political figures, and captains of industry. Originally starting his career as a Sports Illustrated photographer, he has photographed the famous and infamous, all of whom live, work and play in the region. He is also well versed in executive portraiture, architectural photography, including interiors, exteriors, construction, aerials, wedding, and event photography. His work has been published in countless publications. When a job is completed, it is delivered ready for immediate use, dissemination or distribution. Andrew Goldstein Photography is a corporation’s, executive’s and public relations company dream come true. He is always
on call. 


With a BFA in Illustration from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, it was only a formality due to the inherent talents Christine has. After having worked in the hospitality, entertainment and apparel industries in graphic design and illustration capacities, Christine has published three comic books and two graphic novels, each of which she released at Comicon International in San Diego between 1997 and 2007. She has also created a body of whimsical art entitled 'The Cafe Series', which is presently on exhibit at Gallery 101 in Fort Lauderdale.Other projects include a non-fiction book illustrated with cartoons, about dating and deception, and three fiction works in the inspirational romance/thriller genre.Christine believes that stories can be told in any medium and are most effective when done with technical excellence. With her talents as in-house graphics designer and artist for the one of the largest Sheriff's Office in the country, Christine was sent to FBI Academy for training in Forensic Facial Imaging. That with her talents combined, she was able to help solve a number of major cases that would have otherwise become unsolved homicides. 

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