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Person's Name - CEO

Diversification is a word that was instilled with Ron in his younger years. Starting as a camera operator to working as an animator and graphic artist, then as an editor and technical director and engineer. Ron has not only worked in every aspect of production, but has worked with some of the top professionals in the industry. In working with the best, he perfected each discipline hands on. His main specialty was camera applications. With experience from ENG to studio, steadycam to jimmy jib, from underwater to aerials and perspective applications. His philosophy is "if you don't capture the content you need, you've already lost." When you have to "fix it in post" (which is a cliche') it will cost you in time and money.  Ron's greatest accomplishment to date was working with the SHOAH project. He was selected for the production coordinator and line-producer positions for the Steven Spielberg Oscar winning documentary "Last Days."

"In this industry if you don't understand or practice the all the facets of film and television production, you will have a hard time looking in the mirror and calling yourself a professional."
                                                                                                                  Ron Lowther

Ron's BIO
Being raised in Detroit, Michigan, Akron and Cleveland, Ohio and then to British Columbia, Canada, life with Ron was always an adventure. He started racing motocross at age 16 in the same class as Jack Penton, of ISDT gold medal fame. Once out of high school Ron went on to race motorcycles professionally and achieved his goal of becoming Canadian National Motocross champion, and British Comblia provincial champion. Once retired from racing he worked in the logging and mining industries, operating heavy equipment then serving a millwright apprenticeship, becoming a certified journeyman. In taking a winter off to enjoy his past time of being a ski instructor and racing coach Ron worked as co-director of a ski school in Kamloops, British Columbia.
On a motorcycle tour around the United States Ron ended up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he decided to stay and adapt to the tropical lifestyle. All along his way he always had a still camera since he was 8 years old. It was a hobby that would eventually pay off. As an avid scuba diver Ron pursued underwater photography, and it was then he had his first taste of production work, helping a friend with an underwater camera rig. Who knew he would eventually do underwater filming for National Graphic!
The greatest asset for Ron, was the training and working with, long time friend, and Emmy award winning DP, Tom Zannes. With Ron's involvement in a variety of professional sports he was able to give the look that television coverage needed for the viewer experience.

Ron has parleyed his life experiences in the corporate productions he presently does. With his diverse background, he can better advise his clients needing productions in the manufacturing, construction,  and engineering industries.