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I am looking for sponsors for "The 756th Project" Life as a World War II Tanker. It is now becoming the end of an era, and time is running out for the surviving veterans of the 756th Tank Battalion. This story is about the men who paved the way for our troops through the battlefields of Europe.

The men and women who served our country, who became scarred physically and emotionally, and paid the ultimate sacrifice, need to be recognized. Everyone seems to forget that these people not only saved the world, but made it possible for us to have the freedoms we enjoy today in the United States of America. It was because of them that we are "United." The 756th Tank Battalion was a unique fighting force that has never been talked about, and were an integral part of the war. 

When I started writing a screen play based on a tank crew, I wanted to make sure the film would be true to life in every exact detail. I felt I needed first hand information by interviewing veterans who were tankers, and in doing my research I learned of the 756th Tank Battalion. Instead of going in the direction of a feature, I felt something inside me say that making a documentary on the subject was more important, and I needed to send a message with this project. This is, why we are here today! The screen play is now complete and will be presented at a more appropriate time.

The 756th Tank Battalion was voted by Congress, as the best tank battalion of World War II. They made the most headway and incurred some of the greatest losses throughout their their drive to Germany. Since I am up against the clock, over the last 18 months I have been traveling the country interviewing Veterans for the film. I have made this move on my own dime because I could not afford to lose these incredible stories. And they are incredible! Once these people are gone, the true essence of our history will be gone forever. This film is a true visual history of a group who made a difference and integral to help win World War II. There were millions of stories from the war but only very few have been told.

This project for me is not about the money, but it takes money to produce a project of this magnitude. While working on the screen play, there was no reason to raise money because of how the process works for a theatrical release. Now that I am under the gun with this project, I am looking for sponsors who can feel proud of the efforts that will be made in telling this story. I am presently looking for companies who had won government contracts to supply the war efforts, from World War II, up to the present day conflicts in the Middle East. We are also accepting corporate sponsors who take advantage of holidays like, Memorial Day, and Veteran's day, especially when they advertise sales for these holidays helping their bottom line. Make the meaning of these holidays really mean something by your support of this project.

This is a start for sponsors to be recognized in supporting the Veterans, and a way of paying back to the people who took the oath to defend this great country of ours. The plan to market the film will be based on film festivals world wide to further publicize the project, showing a group effort from the sponsors involved. The ultimate target is PBS, with a limited big screening release made nation wide.

As a track record: I played a crucial part in "The Last Days" documentary, a Steven Spielberg Academy Award winning film, based on survivors of the Holocaust, in the category of long version documentary. Along with film and television projects, I also produce projects for Fortune 100 and 500 companies, in which my work has helped generate billions of dollars in revenue sales.

I can be reached directly at (954) 553-9638. Or email me at

Thank you for your interest and support in the project.


Ron Lowther





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